NEXt Generation System

X-GOLF NEX, the world's best peforming premium screen golf system specially designed for advanced player, is a combination of high-speed light sensor which measures direction and speed of a ball and high-speed camera sensor to measure all the data and reproduce every shot like real.

X-GOLF NEX pefectly replicate fade, draw, back spin and various technique shots that can't be possible for existing screen golf simulators. Also, simply designed sensor structure of X-GOLF NEX better usability for both left and right-handed users and can provide users with swing video, club movement, ball rotation, and weight distribution data with only one shot.

X-GOLF NEX specially developed for golf pros and advanced player and can be used for lesson & club fitting.
※ X-GOLF NEX Video to help understanding sensing algorithm


1. Accuracy
  • Items measure directly : Speed & direction of a ball, launch angle, trajectory of club head, horizontal trajectory of club head, hitting point, height of tee, back spin, side spin
  • Items measure indirectly : Carry, run
Swing analysis display
2. Sensor system
  • Sensor : 4Line/ 384 + 1Line(타격 센서 옵션)/ 8ch
  • Sampling rate : 50khz
  • Spin Camera : 1,000sps(Sampling per sec)로 계측
3. Convenience

Auto ball feeding system (X-BALL)  Patented

  • Premium quality
  • Digital precision control (less than 1mm)
  • Device prevents ball clogging
  • Auto adjustment of tee height depending on player
  • Auto detection of a ball presence
  • Static prevention
  • Tee height communication
  • Zero-failure construction
  • Self-examination

Automatic tiling plate (X-PLATE)  Patented

  • Premium quality
  • Digital precision control (less than 0.1°)
  • Auto and manual control
  • Displays controlled values
  • Emergency operation feature
  • Precise calibration device
  • Zero-failure construction
  • Self-examination

Display and save shot record  Patented

  • Output on site and management by remote control
  • Auto and manual control of mini-map
  • Auto and manual control of game map
4. Extendability

The finest swing analysis  Patented

  • Swing video (Std. : 60FPS, Opt. : 120 or 300FPS)
  • Weight transfer curve (120FPS/ All directions)
  • Speed of a ball
  • Direction of a ball
  • Launch angle of a ball
  • Speed of club head
  • Trajectory of club head (Horizontal)
  • Approach of club angle (Horizontal)
  • Club's initial point of contact
  • Side spin rate of a ball
  • Back spin rate of a ball

Web-based management and lesson

  • Online lesson system
  • Store management
  • Customer Service
  • Online screen golf tournament
  • Mini-Game

Composition Concept

※ The product specifications are subject to change for improvements.

Standard Items

1. Ceiling light source module
(Spin camera sensor is included)

It measures launch angle, spin, speed, and direction of a ball.

2. High-speed light sensor

Measure side spin rate using club's horizontal trajectory, the degree of impact, the direction of a ball and measure direction degree of a ball, launch angle and space velocity after hitting a ball.

3. XGC (X-GOLF 'Data' Controller)

Controller developed by RDT to do multi-channel high-speed data communication which is the main device to take a part in data communicates and controls each module.

4. X-BALL (Auto ball feeding system)

- Zero-failure construction and the finest components are available to use up to ten years.
- By rubber tee's free movement (patent), it gives 20 times the life compared to other product.
- World's smallest height (13cm) will not require ceiling and floor construction.

5. MCSB (Master Control Switch Box)

- Introduced multi-function switch system for the first time in Korea
- Changing direction, display/close analysis window, save/cancel video, preview putting, and use/cancel mulligan

6. X-GOLF operating console (Fixed)

Optional Items

(Device for analyzing weight transfer)

- Mounted with ultra compact high-accuracy load sensor 2/4 channel
- Accuracy of 99%±(Can be changed depends on where it is measured)
- Measures maximum weight of 400KG and corrects automatically
- Video signal synchronization

8. X-PLATE (Auto tilting plate)

- Auto/manual control makes uphill, downhill, sidehille lie.
- The lowest heght in Korea (150mm/including artificial turf)
- Mounted with a precision inclination sensor with ±0.1° allowance
- Using 0.15° precision to reproduce 360° of all topography's slope.
- Auto and manual control feature
- The lowest heght in Korea (13cm)

9. Impact position sensor

- 8-Channel impact sensor module measures the impact position of the club and interprets shot, topping, fat shot. Then it reproduces to reflect the movement of the golf ball.

10. Analysis camera 60FPS
(Opt. : 120 or 300FPS)

- Sensing technology using inventive image recogniction technology
- Automatically record after recognition of completion of swing
- 2 Channel auto synchronization and weight transfer curve synchornization
- Automatically record after recognition of ball stricking

11. X-GOLF operating console (Movable)

Analysis/practice mode with improved user's convenience

Analysis / practice mode is a feature that allows users to determine through a golf course or driving range of the target data specified by pitches acquire and practice swing or putt away from the screens.

  • Auto save recents 10 shots per club - Recent 5 videos will be displayed.
  • Draw Feature : Draw figures on the swing video
  • Swing statistics by club will be displayed using figure and graph
  • Display 7 different divided movements
  • Intuitively designed all features are easy to use for analysis/practice
  • Adjustable playback speed for swing video
  • Simple images to display club path and ball direction
  • Provide the spin image for a ball captured by a spin camera

Web-based golf swing analysis system

Provide weight transfer curve, trajectory of a ball, swing video, and statistics of shots made
Posture correction using Draw feature
Display 7 different divided movements
Display trajectory of shots made
Display club path and direction of a ball for shots made
Display spin image of shots made

Game Option

Initial screen
1. Initial screen

Menu for game
2. Menu for game

Add player
3. Add player

Select course
4. Select course

Game option
5. Game option

Display for game
6. Display for game

Display for training
7. Display for training

Display for event
8. Display for event

Game menu
9. Game menu

Dynamics option
10. Dynamics option

Align ball location
11. Align ball location

Real Full HD Engine that X-GOLF provids able you to enjoy more realism when play the game.
Other companies' Full HD can't compare to our.

ALL 64bit system in the world (Image processing, sensors, graphics)

Experiene gently rustling leaves, the clouds changing according to the intensity of the wind, the water hazard keeping the nearby landscape, and realistic ball movements.

Elaborate and delicately designed golf courses

Meet renewed X-GOLF with a special sand effect that can convey the thrilling feelings of the bunker shot, the 3D sound system that will double the pleasure of different emotions, precise bush effects with the movment of each strand, the fancy carp playing actively in the water hazard, the effect of thick fog.

X-GOLF NEX right handed only

Installation specification for right hand only
Classification Width
Standard 4300mm 8500mm 3100mm
Minimum 4000mm 7500mm 2950mm

X-GOLF NEX both handed

Installation specification for both hand
Classification Width
Standard 5000mm 8500mm 3300mm
Minimum 4900mm 7500mm 2950mm

Sales information

Category X-GOLF NEX X-PLATE(Option) X-BALANCE(Option)
  • Screen golf system for both handed players
  • Web-based golf analysis system using XGC
  • X-Birdie (Standard)
  • Auto tee-up module
  • Customer management & online service (Tournament, mini-game, event)
  • Customer card reader
  • Size: 1,400 X 1,020 X 150(mm)
  • Precision inclination sensor mounted with acceptable range of ±0.1˚
  • Minimum installation height (150mm/ including artificial turf)
  • High speed LAN installation
  • Achieve low noise and reverse-turn feature
  • Mounted with display
  • Maximum allowable load: 600KG
  • Auto-Calibration feature
  • Manual control feature
  • Ball clogging prevention feature
  • Size: 910 X 510 X 60(mm)
  • Ultra compact high-accuracy load cell 4ch
  • Maximum weight: 25kg
  • Accuracy: 99%
  • Auto-Calibration feature
  • DATA can be transmitted wirelessly by mounting the wireless module (Zigbee)
  • Program linkage using mounted 2ch touch switch
  • External display module can be connected
  • Built-in battery and battery charging circuit.
  • Power DC 18V
  • Analysis camera (60fps) X 2
  • Impact position sensor module
  • None
  • None

Advantage and disadvantage for different type of sensors (Radar, vision, light sensor)

Classification Rader Type Vision Type Combination of Light Sensor and Camera
  • When players shot a ball outside, radar continuously tracks movement of a ball
  • Install at least two cameras that has the certain angle towards a ball.
  • When a player shots a ball, each camera captures a movement by certain period at the same time. (Camera should take at least 2 pictures)
  • Interpret the size and location of a ball on display and calculate the speed and a direction of a ball.
  • Interpret and calculate the spin by marked section of a ball on display.
  • Obtain movement of a ball and club (horizontal and vertical) by using a light sensor
  • Take a picture of a marked ball using a camera
  • Calculate space vector of club and a ball
  • Calculate the spin by interpreting image processing for marked section of a ball
  • Differences may exists depending on performance of simulators, but data that tracked ball movements at outside is accurate.
  • However, indoor screen golf only tracks short distance, not total movement of a ball and it is comparably inaccurate.
  • To get accurate rev counts, obtain accurate images of a marked ball and process it with high-performance image processing tool.
  • Easy installation and user-friendly when it compares to light sensor type.
  • As for premium light sensor type, it has the best accuracy for repetition.
  • When radar type is used to track short distance shot happened indoor, analysis data is comparably inaccurate.
  • Especially, analysis data for short distance approach or putting is not usable as a data.
  • If camera fails to obtain accurate images of a marked ball, rotation of a ball calculated is inaccurate
  • For measuring speed or a direction, accuracy is less than using a light sensor.
  • The technological gap about image processing will have the different deviation of accuracy.
  • If using a multi-channel, high performance, and high-speed system, it's hard to measure essential element accurately using a high speed.
※ The product specifications are subject to change for improvements.

Type and Purpose of Auxiliary Equipment for Golf

1. Launch monitor (radar, vision or combination type)
  • The main purpose of launch monitor is for club fitting. It reproduces after measuring movement of a ball (space vector, rotation) when making a shot using a test club under specific condition.
2. Screen Golf (radar, vision, light sensor or combination type)
  • The primary purpose of screen golf is for entertainment and swing analysis indoor. Just like a real game, many players can join to play, and it reproduces after measuring the movement of a ball (space vector, rotation) when making a shot using the variety of clubs.
3. Analyzer for swing movement (vision, sensor, equipment or combination type)
  • The primary purpose of swing movement analyzer is to analyze swing movement of a player and have different types & performance property. For high-performance analyzer, it reproduces after measuring the movement of a ball (space vector, rotation) and analyzing swing change.

Categories for comparison demonstration
about screen golf equipment and methods for verification

Download the performance inspection form

1. Accuracy and repeatability: Accurate driving distance, and reproduction of backspin/sidespin, fat shot, and topping.
  • 1-1. Verify variety of a shot by a pro golfer - driver, iron and putter / Shot (long, short: reproduce backspin/sidespin), miss shot (replicate fat shot and topping), approach (long, short), putting (long, short), etc.
  • 1-2. After measuring a real distance from a tee to the screen, throw a ball by a hand to compare and verify the distance and spin.
2. The latest premium system and program: Perfect 64bit image processing system and sensor & application of 64bit Full HD graphic engine for the first in the world.
  • 2-1. Physical verification
3. Reality of physical engine: A pro player plays a game and demonstrates the different situations
  • 3-1. Observe conditions of a ball’s movement and collision for all different type of shots.
4. Reality of graphic: Analyzed by a graphic expert
  • 4-1. Observe levels of precision descriptions and movements by manually scroll to come close to the tree, glass, rock, water, etc., and verify L.O.D. and loading time.
5. Premium function for a game: Functions such as a putting preview, auto adjustment of tee height (able to adjust for every hole), analysis of swing, club fitting, etc.
  • 5-1. Verification of video analysis system (1~2 Channel, 50~300FPS, draw function), Verification of weight balance analysis system (2ch, 4ch)
  • 5-2. Verify the comparison function of shot data by club and player. Verify the synchronization of camera video with data.
6. Games and lessons targeting childeren
  • 6-1. Verify if games and lesson targeting children are available (X-GOLF provides point-based game, level up game, and arcade game)
7. Durability: Verification of consideration started from a design
  • 7-1. Verification of Material and level of precision processing for each part and level of accuracy for assembly (real data provided by maker). Give physical impact by hitting a sensor and a floor with a club, or kicking with a foot.
  • 7-2. Verification of vibration test (condition for vessel navigation)
  • 7-3. Verification of additional documents such as design, quality control chart, etc.
8. Design and safety: Simplicity of overall appearance - height of simulator and design to prevent incident (for protruding areas)
  • 8-1. Evaluation by an expert after looking at ETL Certifications, products, dimensions on drawings and pictures.
9. Convenience for A/S: Digitalization and modularization of all possible components, self-diagnosis and remote connection control features, and self-repairable design.
  • 9-1. Verification of data provided by maker
  • 9-2. Provided documentation: Specification, completion of the inspection, users' manuals, A/S guide, supplementary A/S video, etc.
10. Availability of own development for each part for the system: Possibility of future repair, an upgrade, and prevention of cost.
  • 10-1. Verification of conditions for R&D Center and assembly center
11. WORLD-WIDE BRAND & NETWORK SERVICE : Oversea sales and exhibition participation
  • 11-1. Verification of data provided by maker