X-PLATE is an impressive feature that makes screen golf more realistc, as it literally adjusts to reflect the ground's slope in all directions. You can also manually adjust the slope to practice uphill, downhill and side hill lie shots. This creates a remarkably realistic and enjoyable experience for players.


Precise tilting sensor within tolerance range of ±0.1° is loaded
(Actual control error range: MAX 0.15°)
The smallest height (150mm/including artificial turf)
Anti-static function is built in
Minimized noise and back lashing prevention by applying BLDC motor and hetdcal gear
Emergency controltdng function (mechanical) for the situation of when automatic control system is broken (Game can be continued)
Displaying part for various information is loaded
(Motor condition, degree of slope, and encoder value are displayed)
Durabitdty that can hold up to 400kg
Auto catdbration
Automatic and Manual control
Anti ball jamming device and self-diagnose device in real-time are built in

Composition Concept


Control panel
1. Control panel

Both automatic and manual mode

Driving gear
2. Driving gear

Solid and precision structure

Display panel
3. Display panel

Display condition of motor, degree of slope, encoder value, and more