Current status of patents and trademarks

Section Name
The core patents related to sports
  • Golf swing correcting device using internet (weight transfer analysis system)
  • Ball supply device
  • Ball and head information analysis system
  • System and method for offering ball information at screen golf (rate of ball spin extracting system)
  • Sensing system for knowing hitting point and entrance angle, space, and speed of club head in screen golf system.
  • Motor type of foothold in 8 directions in basis of low ground clearance type
  • Ramp for screen golf
  • System and method of state transition using light sensor.
  • System and method of hitting state output
  • Correcting and analyzing system for shooting in archery
  • System and method of measuring hitting information
  • Low ground clearance type of ball supply device
  • Media that is for swing motion capture system to use multiple images, method, and recorded the computer readable program
    for running above method.
  • Screen archery simulator with movable recognizing device
  • Golf simulator and golf simulation method (a simulator system combined camera sensor and light sensor)
  • System and method for putting simulation
  • System and method of synchronize image signal and wireless sensor signal
  • System and method that are provided from screen golf (Advertising system used by character during the game)
Trademarks and service
  • X-GOLF
  • ZES
  • EYE
  • NEX
  • X-BALL
  • XPGA
  • SMAS