X-BALL is the world's best performance auto tee-up device for screen golf. Auto tee-up device is an essential device for indoor golf.

To use the auto tee-up device for screen golf, it requires advanced functions such as precise control of tee height depending on the player, remote control, durability, serviceability of use, anti-ball jamming function, and more.
The auto tee-up device is now a requirement for screen golf as it automatically reflects the starting point and height of the ball
when the player hits the ball, and it increases realistic of play.


1. Luxurious exterior and enhanced durability
  • The rubber tee's free movement minimizes friction and absorbs the shock while hitting
  • Tee height can be adjusted exactly by 1mm with a controlling step motor instead of regular a DC motor.
2. Minimizing installation cost with World's smallest height
  • Due to the lowest height (13cm) in the world, construction for ceiling and floor is unnecessary
3. Smart auto tee-up device and easy instruction
  • Enables ball detection and adjusts tee height depending on the player.
  • Measures precise launch angle by reflecting ball's starting point and height automatically during the hitting

Composition Concept


1. Auto tee-up device

Control and adjust tee height by 1mm

2. Conveyor belt
3. Anti-ball Jamming device

Three light sensors judge ball abnormality and prevent ball jamming and malfunction

4.MCSB (Master Control Switch Box)

- Introduced controller first in Korea
- Easy operation with intuitive button