A Recent global trend in golf lesson is analyzing weight transfer. For accurate analysis, all data must be acquired simultaneously in one swing. Golf is an elaborate exercise. Also, it is very scientific exercise. Recently, there has been a lot of phenomena that player saves swing image during the practice and use it for analyzing. The effect of the phenomena is quite large. However, a low number of frame/1CH video image give less effect of analysis and may lead to the wrong result.

To properly analyze 3D video, player need minimum of 2CH (standard 60FPS/Optional 120, 300FPS) cameras. The combination of 2CH Camera (standard 60FPS/Optional 120, 300FPS), weight transfer measuring device, club and ball measuring device, and web-based analysis program will make the best analysis system.

X-BIRDIE is the best web-based golf analysis system in the world that can be used both indoor and outdoor. It provides weight transfer curve, club path, spin image, movement analysis and comparison feature using swing analysis camera. Also, it allows player to experience detailed analysis and lesson.

X-BIRDIE Display

Draw figures

The player can check a change in swing motion by drawing a figure on a video image during measurement and analysis

Display divided movement

Display for divided movement from address to finish. By analyzing the weight transfer in each movement (the color of the circle in the top right of the image and the color of weight transfer curve matches), program analyze the weight transfer during the swing.

Club selection

Select the club that user will use for club fitting. By selecting a club, user can obtain accurate data and club fitting result.

Display shot groups

Shot data and average data for club selected and a shot group will be available to check. If users saved file, saved data could be displayed.


Using the high-speed (300 FPS) cameras, user can see images of desired section overlaid. You can see at a glance the change of club in a specific section.

Compare spin image and swing data
Compare club path, ball direction, and swing data
Compare ball trajectory and swing data from side view
Compare ball trajectory, average ball trajectory, and swing data

Online lesson / Club Fitting Service

Online Lesson / Club Fitting Service