RD TEK indicates present and harmony through developing measuring technology.

The combination of Real and Data contains the hope to be advanced to global company by serving with development of humanity via creation of "living" information.

Thus, Real Data Technologymeans "living creation," - the living information indicates trustful information - and have willing to serve development of not only customer and humanity, but also world by producing and creating such data.

    1. Management Ideology

    Balance with humanity through technology development

    - Trust
    - Development
    - Innovation
    2. VISION

    World-wide company that improves the life value and development in humanity

    - Service toward customer
    - Responsibility on society
    - Contribution toward humanity
    3. Business Competence

    Fusion and synergy of hardware (offline)
    precise measuring device and sensor - and Software (online)

    - Precise measuring device and technology
    - Extremely precise measuring device and technology
    - Sport science device
    - Online Contents


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Worldwide Standard Golf Simulator - X-GOLF

X-GOLF is the premium screen golf that develops various customer-centered business model by building online and offline integrated system based on online service
and offline products which are grafted the high-tech technical skills.


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A superlative golf simulator optimized to screen golf stores with multi-channel high speed light sensor system.

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The final golf simulator for seniors and pros with combination of the best sensors.

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A definitive edition of vision (camera) sensor with simple system configuration and convenient high speed camera sensor system.

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The best automatic tilting foothold in the world that raise the realistic on a shot.

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Precise weight transfer analyzing device that can measure power balance.

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The best auto tee-up system with durability of over 10 years.

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Web based swing analyzing system which synchronized with power balance.

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X-Manager is an exclusive X-GOLF store management program that is optimized various golf driving range and screen golf game specialty stores.

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An analyzer only for screen golf that offers precise measure and various analyzing solution.

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Golf portal that aims the practical golf lesson with lesson pro's teaching method, internet technology, analyzed information based on the swing data and images that are uploaded from X-GOLF online game.

Brand Room Service

X-FITTING is a system for receiving service of the best lesson and golf club fitting via online. It is a system that is developed with consultations from pros in Australia and club makers, and has many patents and trademark rights.

Golf & Brand

We are preparing for the service.

Golf & Club

We are preparing for the service.


X GUY with confidence with the best technique skills and quality in the world


X GIRL with growing with innovative quality management and customer service