X-NET provide world’s most safety as an indoor golf net can.
People get worried to practice golf indoor as they might hit a ball to wrong direction to break any items, or damage people.
But any of nets on the market couldn’t give certain solution to help people not to think of it anymore.
X-NET, X-GOLF’s proudly considered as the most safety net in the world, has the design patent for safety.
X-NET Size 2510*2510*2600 (mm)


  • 1. Maximum safety with minimum space to cover all shots / patented design
  • 2. Easy installation / one hour by two men
  • 3. Good appearance and high quality
  • 4. Availability of various advertisement
  • 5. Usage : house, office, hospital, etc.


X-NET is packed into 2 boxes.

Box 1
  • Size : 450*155*1600 (mm)
  • Item : Pole
Box 2
  • Size : 600*460*250 (mm)
  • Item : Housing, Base Net, Hitting Net, Protecting Net, Band


1. Pole

It has 22 poles to be used.

2. Housing

It connects poles together.

3. Base Net

It is the base net to connect to all poles.

4. Hitting Net

It reduces hitting energy.

5. Protecting Net

It maximizes the life of hitting net.

6. Band

These bands are used to hang nets.

Simulators available with X-NET: X-GOLF CUBE